Glossier / Skin Perfecting Tint

söndag 24 september 2017

Last month I wrote about discovering Glossier whilst in New York this summer, and how I had fallen head over heals for their products. Glossier is launching in the UK later this year, and I mentioned in my post a few products I would like to get my hands on when they do. One of these products was their foundation, or 'Skin Perfecting Tint' as it is called. 

Luckily for me I didn't have to wait long until I managed to get hold off one. A colleague of mine went to France this week just gone, where Glossier has just launched (in Colette, if you plan to make a trip and would like to pick up some products yourself). She picked up the foundation for me (in Medium), and I have been using it ever since. 

To call it a foundation is a bit of an exaggeration, as it is very sheer. BB cream would probably be more appropriate, or tinted moisturiser. However, combined with Glossier's Stretch Concealer I can build up a lovely coverage which looks really natural. I'm sold. For everyday use, this has become my new go to.

Even on good (skin) days, my skin will start to dry up at the end of the day, creating patches of flaky skin usually around my jawline and hairline. When using Glossier's Skin Perfecting Tint and their Stretch Concealer, this hasn't happened a single time. And I have had a really bad week with plenty of eczema. 

When my skin isn't in a flare up, I've actually got pretty clear skin, and I barely have any hyperpigmention or scarring on my face from eczema (just a little bit on my right cheek). For day to day I don't need nor do I want to use a heavy, full coverage foundation, but instead like using something a bit more sheer but buildable (in case of flare ups). I don't feel this is very buildable on its own, but it is together with the Stretch Concealer, making it perfect for me.

For a night out or for a special occasions, when I'd like something a bit more full coverage, I'll probably reach for something else, but for everyday use this is a new staple of mine. I honestly can't believe how well it works with my skin, and how long it lasts when on. Now I'm even more excited for the Glossier UK launch, and can't wait to pick up more products. I'm especially intrigued by their new Body Hero duo, which promises to give 'the rest of me' glowy, dewy skin. With no residue. Let's put it to the test - shall we? 

The Body Shop / Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask

torsdag 7 september 2017

I have super dry skin, and will do anything to make it feel hydrated, nourished and plump. Unfortunately, this is a very rare feeling with some who is suffering from what the doctor calls 'moderate severe eczema' (no, I don't really know what that means either). I spend a lot of time (and money, but let's ignore that) to everyday try to prevent dry patches and flakey skin, so I like products which are hard at work whilst I do other things. This is why I rate a good sleeping mask (I'm a fan of the Pumpkin Sleeping Pack from Too Cool For School and the Banana Sleeping Pack from Tony Moly), as they allow me to get the most out of my *beauty* sleep, but they can be a bit messy if you don't sleep on your back all night (guilty!). 

For the last year, I've been a sheet mask convert and die hard fan, and tried all kinds of variations of them. Some does stay on better than others, and whilst they are great if you have the time to sit down and relax they can at times be a bit awkward and doesn't always stay neatly wrapped around your face. I'm also a firm believer that the suggest 10-20 minutes isn't enough, at least not when you've got skin as dry as mine, so I like to keep mine on for a minimum of 40-45 minutes. This does mean that you can't reuse them, as I know some people do, but instead I just make sure that I get the most out of my first use. 

I like to stock up on sheet masks, either by buying in bulk online or when I've been to America as we don't have as much of an offering in the UK yet, which means that they take up a lot of space. So lately I've found myself getting a little bit fed up of the whole thing and reverting back to a good ol' face mask. I recently picked up the Ethiopian Honey face mask from The Body Shop, and I love it. 

The consistency of it is like thick honey, and it smells just like the sweet stuff too. It also makes my skin feel amazing. When I use it my skin feels supple, hydrated and nourished. Due to the nature of my skin, this feeling doesn't last forever, but for someone who is used to applying sheet masks almost every day, that's not an issue. At least I can put this face mask on, and then get on with my day whilst it works its magic, without having to worry about it falling off or not covering my face properly. It's a little bit of a nightmare to get off, but I dampen a flannel with hot water and try to gently massage it off. As I don't want to rub too hard, scared I might irritate my skin, it does leave a bit of a tacky residue, but hey, that's just a bit like a sleeping pack, right?

Glossier / NYC

söndag 6 augusti 2017

I recently went to New York with work, and of course had to drop by the Glossier shop/showroom on Lafayette Street. I've heard so many good things about the brand, and love the concept 'skin first, makeup second'. When you've got skin as dry as I do, you really have to focus on skincare. If you have a bad skin day makeup can almost seem pointless - dry and flakey skin never looks good, especially not covered in foundation. 

Glossier is currently not available in the UK, but will start to ship to Britain this autumn. They recently hosted a one-day-only pop up shop in London, which I of course missed. I'm absolutely gutted that I did, as I would've loved to pick up a few more of their products. 

I love the concept of the showroom in New York, and I hope they eventually bring something similar to London. It was such a nice shopping experience, with products beautifully displayed for you to swatch and play with. You fill out one of their pink Glossier menus, ticking of what you'd like to purchase from a check list. Everything is very on brand, even the super cute, pink overalls the staff wears (if anyone knows where to get one, please let me know!). 

I really regret not picking up more of their products, because I'm so pleased with the two I purchased. I was running low on concealer anyway, and their Stretch Concealer was just so beautiful and creamy. It goes on quite sheer, but layers very nicely so you can build up more coverage. It's easy to blend and not at all drying, it's rather very moisturising. At the moment I don't know what would make me use any other concealer ever again. I have used it almost every day for a month now and you can barely tell, which makes me feel like this little pot of goodness will last me a lifetime (or if not, at least a very long time). 

I also bought their Generation G lipstick in 'Cake'. It's also quite sheer, yet matte, but just as the concealer it is easy to build up a bit more colour should you want to. It's very moisturising, and feels more like a lip balm than a lipstick when on your lips. 

After being so pleased with their concealer, I now really want to try out their foundation, or, as it's called, their Perfecting Skin Tint. If there is any makeup product I'm quite fussy about (except for eyebrow products, but that's just because #anastasiabrows) it's my foundation/base. My skin gets really dry, so I need a foundation which is moisturising and keeps my skin feeling hydrated throughout the day, without making me greasy. As my skin is so dry, I use a lot of products to keep it healthy, many of them being rich and heavy moisturisers or oils, so my foundation also needs to be able to deal with that. My two all time favourites are the Diorskin Nude BB Cream (I use 003 Medium) and the YSL Touche Eclat Le Teint Foundation (I use B40), both not even those can keep up with my skin some days. I feel like Glossier's Perfecting Skin Tint might be more like a BB cream than a foundation, which I'm happy with. On days when my eczema isn't flared up, my skin is actually quite nice except for the odd dry patch, which comes down to an extensive skin care routine (read: regime), so I don't need anything which is too full coverage for everyday use. And if this foundation/skin tint is anything like their concealer, I don't foresee any problems with building up a little bit more coverage if needs be. One of the key ingredients in the skin tint is glycerin, which means it would also help keeping skin moisturised throughout the day.

In addition to their foundation, I really would like to get my hands on their Haloscope Highlight Stick, their new Wowder (because if there was any powder which my skin would be able to handle, it would probably be this) and of course their serums! I'm a sucker for a good serum and consider it the most vital step of my skincare routine - I'd never ever miss it. I did also try their Priming Moisturiser whilst in New York, it's quite rich and heavy which is exactly what my skin needs, and as soon as Glossier starts to ship to the UK I will add that, their Rosewater Spray and Moisturising Moon Mask to my basket. 

Have you tried any of the Glossier products yet? If so, what's your thoughts on them and is there any products which you'd recommend?

Speak soon!

Josefine x


Hi there!

måndag 1 maj 2017

You might already be familiar with me and my blog, or you might not be. You might be on here for the first time, and then the following paragraph might not make much sense to you, but if so, please know that I'm so glad you're here and that I can't wait to get to know you!

If you are familiar with me and my blog, and if you typed in the same URL as you always have to get here, but was redirected to this page and not my usual blog, well... surprise! I've decided to change platform and switch up the design. Over the last few years I've fallen out of blogging, but it is something that is very close to my heart seeing as I've been at it for more than ten years now, and I want to get back into it again. I feel like a blog is quite personal, and as you grow it needs to be able to do so with you, and so I feel like this blog, platform and design might represent me better for now. 

If you are new to this blog, and you are wondering what I'm talking about, you can find my old blog here. It is however not my original blog, which I started when I was twelve. No, that blog is safely tucked away for my eyes only. I think you can all agree that who you were when you were twelve and what you decided to blog about/share on the internet then might not always represent who you are now. Also, when I was younger I used to share not only bits of my own life, but also my friends' and families, and it is also out of respect for them I've chosen to not longer have my old archives public. 

Anyhow, anywho, anyway... I'm glad you've made your way here and I'm excited to be on this adventure with you (yet again)! You can expect all of the usual fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts. I'll chat about my favourite highlighters, share my favourite picks from my favourite shops and explore London with you. Just as it should be. 

See you soon!

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