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     Professor Zheng is Dean of the College of Harbour, Coastal and Offshore Engineering, Lab Manager of Key Laboratory of Coastal Disaster and Protection of Ministry of Education, Chairman of Teaching Advisory Committee of Harbour, Waterway and Coastal Engineering speciality, Hydraulic Discipline for higher education, standing committee member of the 10th committee of Jiangsu Youth Federation, executive director of the 3rd administrative committee of Port and Waterway Engineering, member of the 4th committee of Chinese Ocean Engineering Society, member of the 4th Young Scientists Working Committee of Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society, member of the editorial board of Water Science and Engineering, Journal of Tropical Oceanography, Journal of Transport Science and Engineering, Journal of Hohai University. He was Head of Office of Science and Technology, Hohai University, Vice Dean of College of Transportation, College of Ocean, Hohai University.


      He graduated from Department of Harbour and Waterway Engineering, Hohai University in 1993. He recieved Doctor's Degree from Hohai University in 1998, major in Coastal Engineering. He started to teach in Hohai University in the same year. From October 2005 to September 2006, he was a visiting scholar in Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University, Japan.


      His major research interests are basic theories and modelling methods in estuarine and coastal dynamics and its engineering applications. He has been the leading scientist for the projects supported by National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholar, National Natural Science Funds for General Program, Governmental Public Industry Research Special Funds, Key Projects of Chinese Ministry of Education. He has been the major participant in a "973" project and projects supported by National Natural Science Funds for Key Program, National Natural Science Funds for Major Program.


      Professor Zheng has published more than 70 scientific papers in national and international magazines and academic conferences, and 27 of them are SCI and EI. Numerical Modelling and Application of Channel Regulation of the Complicated River Network in Pearl River Delta won the second prize (rank 2) of the Science and Technology Award for China water transport construction in 2009. Recent Changes in the Freshwater and Sediment Input and Characteristics of Freshwater and Sediment Transport of the Yangtze River won second prize (rank 3) of National Prize for Natural Sciences in 2009. Two of his computer softwares have been registered foe computer software copyright in National Copyright Administration.


      He has cultivated 37 Master students (17 of them graduated), 26 Master students of Engineering (9 of them graduated), and 5 PhD students. Three of his students won Excellent Dissertation for the degree of M.A. Jiangsu Province under his guidance. He is the head teacher of the undergraduate course Coastal Dynamics which is one of the National Level Excellent Courses and one of the Bilingual Teaching Demonstration Courses.


      He won the 10th Higher Education Young Teacher Award from Fok Ying Tong Education Foundation and Baogang Excellent Teacher Award. He has been selected New Century Excellent Talents in University, "Blue Project" for cultivating young and mid-age academic leaders from Universities in Jiangsu, "Talents in Six Fields" Researc


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